lilt line is a retro rhythm racing beat 'em up action game with a dubstep flavour.

~ igf-mobile audio achievement award winning!
~ fourteen levels of pure hack'n'slash musical mayhem!
~ fluid, innovative sub~orbital control mechanism!
~ genuinely filthy dubstep provided by 16bit!

now available on wiiware too ~> liltlinewii.com

right over travelling spirit dust beat seesaw beat gameover
"simply wonderful. get it!" ~ creativeapplications.net

"clever, colourful and mimimalist" ~ edge magazine

"delivers a refreshing concept that I love" ~ toucharcade.com

"a game like no other on the app store right now" ~ iphonegamenetwork.com

"lilt line will open your ears and eyes to the future of musical games" ~ appcraver.com
"one of the most original games to hit the app store so far and is highly recommended" ~ theappleblog.com

"merges gradient splattered levels, twisted paths and dubstep music to create an addictive package" ~ weplayiphone.com

"a musical experience that really activates more than just your hearing and wraps every part of you around the sometimes chaotic beats of the music" ~ appvee.com

"a brilliant representation of interactive dubstep" ~ dopecool.com
provided courtesy of 16bit.

level tracklist:

1/ in the death car
2/ ford fiesta
3/ put ya dirt inside pt. one
4/ m dot mosley
5/ put ya dirt inside pt. two
6/ panic
7/ jump
8/ chainsaw calligraphy
9/ pcp
10/ can you show me what head is
11/ swine flu
12/ funhouse
13/ the tale of the exploding fist
14/ cobra
there are fourteen levels to play through.

each one slightly more vicious than the last.

1/ life bike
2/ bloome
3/ one in
4/ right over
5/ dirt shirt
6/ cinap
7/ two byte
8/ seesaw
9/ spirit dust
10/ what
11/ trottalong
12/ betamax
13/ xplodofist
14/ srpnt
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gordon at differentcloth.com

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